Norwich April_1040

Laundry basket: a poem

the ocean sprays me
spritz my laundered face
blanket blanket
sunny fumes
over the stairs I ran
tall towered stairs
the building blocks with limber wooden legs
little brown buildings
the ones I sweep the cat fur off
my tired hoary house
creaks in that crumbly voice
the nights I spent to catch all your crumbs
limber hoary crumbs hold up my seabound bed
my ship!
my ship!
the captain sails her crumb ship!
what the ocean has in store for the girl upon the second floor!
the sunny fumes I hook
anchored in my laundry basket
they skip along my face
spritz spritz
it’s laundry day…
my blanket’s clean!
set sail upon its woven basket boat!
docked on top my bed