Starry Sky June 15_

David Bowie Died This Morning

Off to a good start. Taking care of yourself. Practicing good habits. Checking in with yourself. Entering the stream of things. There is still time. There is always time. Time is a motherfucker. I heard that once. I heard that today. That time is a motherfucker. That time stops for no one. That we are cherry blossoms, showing our colors but briefly before falling to earth and returning to nothing. The law of impermanence. You are a phenomenon. A brief phenomenon. Enjoy the game. Test its limits. Appreciate all of it. You don’t have to suffer. You don’t. I read that the state of suffering only arises through one’s thoughts. Watch this. It is true. Your headaches. Your blurred vision. Your exhaustion. What is happening to this body? Caught in time. No longer useful. You’re not procreating. What good are you? ‘I have so much left to give.’ Prove that to yourself. Prove that to me. What use are you? You have been disconnected from the depths of your being. You have been caught up in external circumstance. You have been willfully ignorant. You have stepped off your path and fallen into sly habits. Do you experience happiness as a flash, as a brief bright warm spark in the long dark cold night of your existence ­ or as a constant state of well­being? He called it sukha. Is it possible? Is it worth striving for? There it is, buzzing and humming like an old refrigerator. Wouldn’t you like a new refrigerator? ‘Do I have a choice?’ I can shine the light. I can help us move forward. I can help us progress. Awareness is a blessing. Breathe and steady yourself. Focus your eyes. Turn off the chatter. Release your grip. Your skin will clear. Your head will stop hurting. You’ll dilute your pain. You’ll have more love. Your heart will open. Empty, empty, empty it all out. There you go. Non­attachment. Non­resistance. Do good work and all will follow. Your creativity will be rewarded. Apply yourself. Bring it all together now. Attract, don’t repel. We are magnets, energy, nothing but. David Bowie died this morning. Charlie Kaufman may or may not be a genius. Let your thoughts flow, but mind them, please. Mind your reactions. Mind others’ reactions. Live in the magic, not that hotel room. Let it flow. Mind the gap. The ambidextrous artist. The regenerative artist. The creator. The chameleon. The salesman. Choose your own ending. Never wear just one hat. Acquire new hats. I picked one up today. Study the faces, blue faces. See people ­ really. Connect the dots. Let the waves gently dissolve back into that ocean. Ebb and flow. Come and go. Cum and tears. That is all of life. Don’t resist. But don’t submit. There is seeing the door and there is stepping through the door. Visualize, see, leap. This is dreaming. This is manipulation of reality. This is the game. ‘You can play It or It can play You.’ Crazy. Diluted. Egomaniacal. Today I heard about a man who killed himself. Just one in a line. His father and his father and the father before. All suicides. Tim. Her brother and father and son. We know that it’s genetic. Encoded, yes, but genetic? My God, all the diseases one can be afflicted with. Lou Gehrigs. Stuck inside one’s body. Trapped. My God, have mercy. I have learned to play the game. Or have I? She told me he stopped playing the game. She questioned whether or not I wanted to play the game. I worried I broke the game for him. It all felt so strange. Dark magic. Jodorowsky. White wizards. White roses. Revolution. Vice and veils. Heading South. Marfa, Texas. Love and hatred. Death and joy.

sometimes it all comes at a thousand miles an hour

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