Letter from the editor

Dear reader,

I want to say that it “seems especially fitting” to release this, our first issue of Catskill Made, on the spring equinox—but of course it is. We planned it that way.

For us upstaters, mountain-dwellers, country folk, spring is many things. It’s mud splashed up under your car’s chassis and tracked in multi-species footprints all over your home. It’s the peepers that start to chirp incessantly from every bog and pond. It’s the cracking of icicles as they make their final departure from our homes, the revelation that, yes, there is a grassy ground under there, and the first tiny violets that sprout from the thawing dirt.

Spring represents the pendulum swinging from the dark, cold of winter—with its cozy fires and hard work—to the sticky sweet summer, when we don’t care to do much of anything. In many ways, not just in the equal hours of night and day, spring evokes balance.

Balance is a word heard frequently: “finding a good work-life balance,” “a balanced diet,” “balancing your checkbook.” But for the creative person, it may mean something a bit different: the balance of creativity and productivity, of reflection and revision, of your art with the rest of your life, maybe even including a “real job” (and, yes, balancing your checkbook). Balance is something for which we’re constantly aiming, and we seem to get closest in spring.

This issue’s authors explore the idea of balance—and the equinox—in a variety of ways. We recommend enjoying from your porch, preferably in a gentle breeze, with the scent of newly blossomed flowers wafting toward you. But if that’s not possible—spring is like a fickle lover—your couch, under a blanket, with a space heater will do.

To balance,

PS: As a newborn publication, you may find kinks we’re still working out. If you do, let us know at support@eberhardtsmith.com. And if you want to write, photograph, draw, paint or anything else for us, you can contact me at alecia@eberhardtsmith.com.